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Lighting the way

Here at Superior Eco Lighting Systems Limited we provide nothing but the best in terms of product, workmanship and reliability which is perhaps why our company’s history spans back to the eighties.

We are a family run company which spans three generations. Initially, we operated as an electrical company gradually branching out into a maintenance organisation on the back of these very high standards we have always prided ourselves on.

More recently, after 20 years of success, we became one of the first companies to recognise the direction that the commercial demographic would be heading and chose to take the principles and standards of our organisation into energy efficient solutions.

At this juncture, around 2010, we opened the door with energy efficient lighting products. When combined with our quality service that has set us apart for so long we found it once again to be a product that would deliver!

Since 2019, our focus has been on energy efficient lighting solutions and we now offer various different products and services that will make your business achieve its full energy efficiency potential.

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