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Many customers are well informed when it comes to the benefits Superior Eco Lighting Systems can offer in terms of energy efficiency, however they sometimes overlook the health and performance implications of poor quality lighting, particularly in academic settings.

A plethora of academic studies have been conducted on this subject and almost all agree that the benefits of anti-flicker, high grade LED lighting are huge. Studies have shown a significant increase in concentration time as well as improved test results.

As anyone working in a darkly lit office can testify, light can have an enormous effect on health and well-being. A lack of light has also been proven to lead to depression in conditions such as Seasonal Adjustment Disorder, and to lower workers’ productivity.

Poor lighting in schools is as much a problem, as demonstrated in a recent study by Lighting for People, part of an EU-funded research project to introduce better quality lighting systems throughout the European Union.

Another area for concern is that school lighting is always on. When the classroom is empty, no one turns it off.  When there is plenty of daylight, the fact that the lights are still on goes unnoticed, wasting yet more money. Superior Eco Lighting Systems can provide solutions which will eliminate these problems.


  • LEDs contain no toxic chemicals or elements such as Mercury, which need to be disposed of safely.
  • 100% of an LED is recyclable.
  • 95% of all energy used is converted into light.
  • Light is more focused and not scattered in all directions like a traditional bulb.
  • LEDs contain no moving or fragile parts, and are therefore more durable than traditional bulb.

Improving the energy efficiency of buildings is a pillar of the EU’s approach to reducing overall energy consumption – buildings make up about 40% of this – and greenhouse gas emissions, for which buildings account for 36%.

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Sectors we cover

At Superior Eco Lighting Systems we don’t just cover the education sector. We have helped a wide range of industries, such as care home providers, large and small offices, warehouses, and the industrial sector to save thousands on their energy costs by helping them become more energy efficient.

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Learn how Superior Eco Lighting can improve your lighting and save your school money.


We provide the industrial sector with the best lighting solutions available on the market.



Our team will access your offices to calculate the best LED system required for your business.


At Superior Eco Lighting we offer a bespoke service for the hotel industry.


We are experts in upgrading to LED lighting in your warehouse with minimal disruption to your day-to-day running.

What we offer at Superior Eco Lighting

  • Free lighting audit
  • Funding options available
  • No subcontractors, one point of call from conception to completion
  • 24 hour remedial response rate
  • 7 year on-site maintenance package
  • UGR-19 compliant
  • Napit Registered engineers

What other companies offer

  • Free lighting audit
  • Funding options available
  • No subcontractors, one point of call from conception to completion
  • 24 hour remedial response rate
  • 7 year on-site maintenance package
  • UGR-19 compliant
  • Registered engineers

We are proud to have completed installations at School’s across the UK – See our Case Studies for further information.

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View our recent case studies to see how we can save your school money


Halogen light bulbs will be banned from September 2023 with fluorescent light bulbs to follow. Superior Eco Lighting are leading the way with LED lighting, we will help you light up the future of your business.

Some of The Benefits of Choosing a NAPIT Registered company

  • Able to: Complete work safely and to legally required standards
  • Regularly assessed to provide assurance of their ongoing competence
  • Capable of working to the very latest health and safety regulations

T5 & T8 fluorescent lamps sales are being banned

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