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Brighten up all areas of your property with us

We provide a 100% bespoke tailored solution for the hotel industry, with each project we look at offering the best solution for each individual environment. We look at the visual needs of the client, as well as the cost savings we are aiming to achieve. The lighting products provided are suited to the look and style of the hotel and our design team focus their attention on consulting with you to achieve the best outcome for your business.

At Superior Eco Lighting, we spend a lot of time making sure that the installation of the lighting system provided goes like clockwork with minimal disruption to the day-to-day running of the business. We do this by providing computer simulations which focus on the desired optimum lighting levels.

This can be anything from the exterior lighting, corridor lighting, the hotel restaurant and reception area lighting. We look at all areas of the hotel to provide the best lighting solution possible, which in turn provides the best reduction in energy consumption.

The benefits of LED over incandescent or fluorescent lighting is most significant in the hospitality industry where properties are looking to conserve energy and eliminate waste.


  • Reduced energy costs with new 
 energy efficient LED lighting.
  • Bespoke lighting solution tailored 
 to each hotel.
  • Reduction of energy 
 consumption and carbon 
  • Vast array of colour choices 
 to change the mood.
  • LED’s are perfect for lighting 
 outdoor areas providing a safe,
 welcoming space.
  • Benefits of eco lighting – 
 sustainable business practices.
  • Reduced maintenance as LED 
 bulb replacement frequency is 
LED Close up

LED fittings we can provide:

  • LED Panels
  • LED Downlights
  • LED Tube lights
  • LED Exit signs
  • LED Emergency lights
  • LED Floodlights
  • LED MR16 bulbs
  • LED GU10 bulbs