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Lighting that 
inspires work

Due to the ever-changing way that the office environment works, including non-designated cubicles, handheld devices are being used as opposed to standard desktop computers, etc, lighting must move with the changes. At Superior, we focus on the needs of each project based on an office environment to make sure that the cost savings on energy consumption and maintenance are optimum for each business.

Our lighting design team will assess the working environment to calculate the best LED system required for the building to ensure the optimum lighting level is reached. We look at all factors in the existing environment including existing natural light levels, and then dim up or down to provide the best lighting needed. In doing this it provides improved concentration levels for the staff and saves energy.

LED’s can brighten up your office with warmer, crisper lighting that your office workers will love. LED’s also do not overheat or flicker and last more than 50,000 hours, and reduces your energy costs.


  • Reduced energy costs with new 
 energy efficient LED lighting.
  • Lighting solution tailored to each 
 office environment.
  • Reduction of energy 
 consumption and carbon 
  • Improved quality of life for 
staff and visitors.
  • Lighting solution can be set to 
 adapt automatically.
  • Re-lamping maintenance need 
LED Close up

Office LED fittings include:

  • LED Panel lights
  • LED GU20 bulbs
  • LED Tube lights
  • LED 2D LED lights
  • LED Exit signs